“She get’s Carrie fever” Carrie Bradshaw Inspiration

Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Look
SNF One Shoulder Tropical Print Dress with Corsage

When we do our buying for Saturday Night Fashion – quite often we pick something because it reminds us of a look we once loved on a celebrity or it reminds us of something and we immediately start shouting out style ideas.

“Oh my god the shoe with the strap – the beige clutch – hair up?…no down!!” Usually finishing each other sentences – people looking as us with a weird face, but we know what we mean.

It was exactly that situation with our SNF One Shoulder Tropical Print Dress with Corsage.

We immediately thought Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, The Politician, The Corsages – the White One Shoulder Dress she wore in the Sex and the City Movie – (which had been famously worn by Whitney Houston over 20 years ago.)

Sex and the City Fashion Inspiration
The infamous Carrie Bradshaw looks that inspired this look.

Sex and the City Inspired look
What you need. Our SNF One Shoulder Tropical Print Dress & our Leopard Print Purse. Shop http://www.saturdaynightfashion.com

What you need…….

The Dress: http://www.saturdaynightfashion.com/Bandage-Bodycon-Party-Dresses/Print-Dresses?product_id=93 £23.99

The Pursehttp://www.saturdaynightfashion.com/Necklace-Bangles-Bags-Earrings/Totes-Clutches-Purses-Bags/Red-Leopard-Print-Wallet-Gift £7.99

The Look put together….





Don’t forget always finish your look off with a good layer of Fake Tan – we love to use & sell Lauren’s Way Tan and our particular favourite is the Lauren’s Way Glam Tan.


Music to get ready to & the inpiration for the name of this weeks blog, Jay z (minus the dash!) line featured in Bonnie & Clyde alongside his wife Beyonce “She gets Carrie fever but as soon as the shows over…she’s right back to being my soldier…”

For more information on this look or any other style questions you may have please email us on style@saturdaynightfashion.com

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