Our Love for Kelly Brook – SNF Fashion Inspired

Get The Kelly Brook Look at Saturday Night Fashion

Kelly Brook Mini Dress

With Kelly Brook’s new role on Celebrity Juice – we can’t help but notice her around London town looking like a polished fashionista – loving all her looks we decided here at Saturday Night Fashion to pick our favourite Kelly Brook Looks & translate them into affordable fashion which you can pick here at www.saturdaynightfashion.com

Kelly Brook Mirror Print Dress

 What we love about Kelly

• She dresses for her body shape.

• Keeps her accessories simple.

• wears looks we can all emulate – she looked great in a simple jeans & jumper look the other day.

• she loves a bit of high street – she wore a great New Look necklace on This Morning show last week.

• her hair always looks super healthy & never over styled.

• she is a natural beauty & she never over does it with heavy make-up.

Kelly Brook

 So there you have it, simple rules for us all to follow to achieve the Kelly Brook Look!

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