The Pink Panther – Print Dresses


Let your Animal side out with this Saturday Night Fashion Look.

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The Dress:

The Purse:

The Necklace:

The Bangle:


Freak of Nature Love Bites Dress
Saturday Night Fashion Love Bites Print Detail Bodycon Dress

Fierce Lion Necklace
SNF Fierce Lion Necklace




Purse and Bangles
SNF Red Leopard Print Purse & SNF Pyramid Bangles



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We went WIILLLLDDD with this weeks blog entry.

With our Freak of Nature Love Bites Dress we took the animal theme and rolled with it we styled it with our SNF ‘Fierce’ Lion Necklace  – On each wrist we added our SNF Pyramid Bangle’s in Black (also available in white – check the website) & we finished the outfit off with our SNF RED leopard Print Purse – Fabulous!!!

Finish the look off with some Lauren’s Way Tan – see how gorgeous a colour you get on our model & some Eylure Strip Lashes – all available to purchase on our website.

Shoe wise if you have a caged or gladiator sandal to really finish that rock punk edgy look – if not something with a major platform or for coming into the winter thick opaque tights and ankle boots – mix it up!

And of course make up wise you NEED a red lippy for this look…

Check out how a customer of ours rocked the dress in our ‘Saturday Night Club‘ album…Are you a member??? send us your Saturday Night Fashion looks & you’ll get 10% off your next order!!

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3 thoughts on “The Pink Panther – Print Dresses

    1. Wow – thanks for Shopping with us!

      No we use a different hosting site for our ecommerce site.

      Send us a picture of you wearing your purchase & we’ll send you a discount code for your next order!

      The SNF Girls xxx

  1. Thanks- just had a second look at the dress and still love it after cooling down after my whimsical purchase- this is seriously the coolest dress I’ve seen for a while. Can not WAIT to wear it! xx

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