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Leather Skirt Styled

Leather Skirts are a great fashionable statement to have in your wardrobe.

Here’s an easy way to style our Black Leatherette Pencil Skirt, available to shop here

Invest in a classic denim shirt and it can be a great look with our leather skirt for your Saturday night – this is a great look if your in any way conscious of your arms which a lot of us can be, so this is a fashionable way to be covered up but still look stylish.

Leather Skirt Leather Skirt


Cooler Than The Red Dress

Amanda Seyfried in head to toe Givenchy

Cooler than the Red Dress” & it seems Red is a colour we’re going for to keep us cool in summer!

We get such a huge interest in our Red Dresses at Saturday Night Fashion that we thought it was really interesting that even in summer they are still being worn – generally you were taught that red was a colour you would perhaps only wear at a certain of year like Christmas.

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